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Looking Ahead: April

It’s Christmas Dishes Month!  Do you have Christmas dishes, serving trays, and other items that are tucked here and there? Do you have trouble finding them when it’s time for a party or dinner? Well this is Christmas Dishes Month and it’s time to declutter and organize the Christmas dishes. Find a storage area. move your dishes there and inventory what you have. Later you may discover a random piece stuck here or there, when you do, add it to your Christmas Cupboard, so when the holiday season arrives, you’ll have everything at your fingertips!  This is also a good time to organize holiday linens

Christmas Magic: Do you do 24 Days of Christmas activities? Do you give the 12 Days of Christmas gifts? Or perhaps you do a little St Nicholas Day gift. If so, this is the month to plan the “magic”. Make a list, pick out some items, or just get your ideas into the notebook!